Update, summer 2011

A quick update to say that after five amazing years I recently left my job as project manager at RSVP Studio, and will be focusing on teaching and a variety of small projects for the next two years. I will be reviving this blog as those projects develop and as I get more deeply involved [...]

Go Start-Up Kit

Hello world. I’m here to re-post, with some updates, some information on getting started playing Go. To get started with playing Go online, you’ll need an account on a server and a Go client (software that serves as the playing environment/board). You may want to play against a computer for a few games first — [...]

Smart Meters… where it’s at

Here’s a pleasing article from the New York Times about “smart-metering” in English homes. Basically smart meters are power meters that give nearly live numbers on your home energy use, so if you install them in a public part of the house you can really respond to the numbers as feedback. Furthermore, the ones described [...]

Craig Venter blows mind

The Long Now foundation blows my mind yet again, this time with a long talk by Craig Venter that shows me several things:

1. It *is* possible to do something very productive while sailing around the world. I can’t quite tell to what (undoubtedly large) degree the sailing ship was just a vanity project — [...]

Extreme Ice Survey

Long time no bloggy! To begin with, here’s a link that’s sure to thrill the materialists out there:


A team of cameramen and remote cameras devoted to documenting changes in ice caps and glaciers. Check out the movie clips under “Evidence” at the top. I think their footage is too focused on cool effects, [...]