Too much internet video

I’m just coming off about three months of hellish over-work (via a party to celebrate the completion of Ben Rubin and Mark Hanson’s awesome Moveable Type project at the NYTimes). But I want to gripe a bit: does anybody else find the recent rise in internet video irritating, especially on news sites? The problems I [...]

Work and teaching this fall

This is just a life update. This fall, in addition to maintaining a 30-hour week at RSVP Studio (website still pending!), where I am mostly working on a small new condo building in Long Island City, I will be teaching two classes at Pratt: hand drawing to freshmen and Rhino (plus some critical thinking related [...]

Documenta 12, post #1

Documenta Notes 1

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I went to Germany a week and a half ago, visiting Kassel, Weimar, and Berlin. I went to Kassel to see “Documenta 12″, a big international art fair that has run there every 5 years for the past sixty years.

I did not bring my camera into [...]

Dangerous TED Urbanism Buffoonery

(editor’s note, August 20, 2007: the whole tone of this post is a little ridiculous, but Jeff’s comment gives a much more considered take on New Urbanism and other topics — worth reading!) More fun from TED

This time it’s James Howard Kunstler, ranting about suburbia and New Urbanism. From my flawed memory, Kunstler’s basic [...]

Seadragon, Photosynth… Earth shatters again

It seems like I’m stumbling across a paradigm-shifting visual tool every couple of weeks now. This latest one is full of what Lovecraft would call “Mindblasting Terror”. Watch this disturbing video in its entirety (well, you can skip the BMW ad at the end). It’s based on Seadragon and Photosynth, two products now controlled by [...]