Bauhaus cabin completed

Last summer I taught in a two week design-build studio at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar. Working with four faculty and 18 international students we produced a small cabin (some pics here). Today I heard from Till Böttger, an assistant professor at the Bauhaus who organized that program, that he and some Bauhaus students have finished [...]

Review season, Spring 2012

It’s final review season. I have been on, or will be attending, the following:

04/23: Danielle Willems’ first year studio, Pratt 04/24: Esther Cheung’s digital fabrication class at NYU’s ITP program 04/24: Ezio Blasetti’s 2nd year studio, Pratt 04/26: Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa’s 3rd year studio, Columbia’s GSAPP 04/28: Degree project reviews at Pratt [...]

Scripting and Drawing: Specific Questions

Okay, because my previous post was turning into a multi-headed rant, I thought I would try again to extract useful knowledge from any clever readers. So, questions:

1. theory/content: If you had 45 minutes to give an introductory lecture on scripting to students who mostly have never tried it but have seen some fruits of [...]

Scripting and Drawing: Rough notes #1

I need to give a lecture this coming Friday on scripting and drawing, for our ARCH 114 “2D Representation” class at Pratt.

It’s a very exciting topic to me.

My first instinct is to approach this thematically. E.g. projective drawing as an essentially parallel system and way of structuring design, and scripting as an essentially [...]

sci-arc’s MediaSCAPES program

(oh lord the typography!)

I wanted to put in a word here about a new Master’s program my friend and mentor Ed Keller is launching at sci-arc this coming Fall (’07), called Mediascapes. I may have the honor and excitement of playing some supporting role in this program, including teaching. Regardless, it will be a [...]