Drawing Curriculum, Project #2

Well, I just submitted my rough draft of the curriculum to the deans at NJSoA. It will consist of two projects. The second one is a major re-thinking of what we did last year. But basically where Project #1 (described in the last post) dealt with precise mapping of lines to various bodies, gestures, [...]

Drawing curriculum notes

I’m currently working on a curriculum for the spring semester of the first-year graphics sequence at NJIT’s architecture school (NJSOA). The largest chunk of the curriculum is a single project… here’s my thinking on that so far:

Project #1 covers the first eight weeks of the semester, and progresses independently of the studio curriculum. [...]

Why hand-drawing still matters to teaching architecture

(NOTE: Despite multiple edits on my part, this is a bit of a sloppy post; sorry. I am going to try to use the blog as a barn for brainstorms, in the hopes of producing more coherent writings for more formal publication (but I will post those here too, don’t worry!).

I am a proponent [...]