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Salon minutes, March 7th, 2009

We had another ‘scripting salon’ yesterday, at ReBar in DUMBO. The space worked out really well: lots of room, decent coffee and tea, and a smooth transition to beer around 5:30 pm. There were three minor issues: 1) Very poor selection of baked goods at Retreat — it’s like a bad deli in an undesirable [...]

NYCityracks Interior Co-winner

I should have said something sooner, but since it has finally been announced on the web I thought now would do: we (RSVP Architecture Studio, my workplace) were co-winners of the interior ‘bike room’ portion of the NYCityracks competition. The outdoor portion was by far the bigger competition, but we’re excited nonetheless. Besides [...]

Scripting Salon Minutes, July 26, 2008

We had another salon at Think Coffee yesterday, so I am writing to summarize. This was the best-attended salon yet (by far). Present were Che-Wei, Adam, Frank, Sean, Caleb, Mike, Ken, Christine, and myself. Karen (ITP friend of Che-wei’s) came at the very end, when I think the salon had basically dissipated. Think worked pretty [...]

FOID: Federal Office of Information Design

Through one of Al Gore’s “We” campaign emails I stumbled upon the good old NREL today, and it got me thinking. I almost did an internship there in my junior year of college; my choice NOT to do it is still one of my big regrets. But anyway, the NREL would seem to be one [...]