Scripting Salon #5

In attendance: Mark, Caleb, Frank, and yours truly. Also a lot of left-over baklava, ginger cookies, and a stained tea cozy. Topics:

Mathematica. Frank has been exporting meshes from Mathematica to Rhino, turning them into point clouds, and going from there. Another link worth checking out: Wolfram’s bestiary. Personally I find this connection from the [...]

Scripting Salon #4: notes

We met at Doma, a coffee shop in the West Village. Very pretty place, crowded but manageable (secured a table fairly easily), but alas it provided no wireless connection and there were no neighboring open networks! So I think we will push for Brooklyn next time.

In attendance: Adam, Che-wei, Marc, and myself.

Discussion was [...]

Scripting Salon #2

Well, the notion of a ‘salon’-style get-together got a second chance today and seemed to work relatively well. I’ve dumped some notes about it below. The venue was Think Coffee, a fairly good if overly-NYU-student-populated spot. If we had arrived an hour or two earlier I think we might have grabbed an entire table for [...]

How to boot and test a collaboration…

Among some tech-happy architecture circles in Brooklyn there has recently been talk of finding a share-able studio space from which to run independent projects but also in which to foment various kinds of collaboration. In a weekly series of lunch meetings I’ve been talking a lot with the good Adam Elstein, who also teaches 3D [...]

HOWTO vectorize a person

This is the first of what I hope will be many, many posts about digital design techniques. These posts are actually the first steps towards a project to break digital design down into a language of its actions, so that we can free it from Adobe, Autodesk, etc. So that we can learn how to [...]