E-books need margins

For some reason I got to thinking yesterday about e-books and margins. Typically, in the west anyway, e-books don’t have margin-like capabilities (e.g. Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader, and even the fantastic Cybook).

If you like to notate or write in margins, as I do, then you don’t need any additional reason for wanting [...]

BBC’s “The Trap”, and internet video tagging

I have spent my dinner-time for the past three nights watching the three episodes of the BBC’s ‘documentary’ (a.k.a. media confection of historical tidbits) called “The Trap” in succession on YouTube. It certainly has my brain going.

First, why did the BBC make this manipulative tripe? What a complete disaster of public media ethics this [...]

An architectural opportunity being missed at PU

I am going to flesh out this post later. It’s going to pick up some of the threads from my earlier post (and the much-appreciated subsequent discussion!) about technology and transparency. For now, I encourage you (especially you, JD) to read this article about how Princeton University is addressing students’ concerns about the university’s impact [...]

Green Technology, Transparency, Aesthetics, and architecture criticism

This is a quick and clumsy foray into architecture criticism, by way of a critique of a magazine article. Baby steps…

I have just been reading a feature in the Nov./Dec. issue of ‘Architect’ magazine (whose new graphic design I kind of like — perhaps because I don’t like graphic design). There is a feature [...]

Thoughts on Rainbows End

I’ve just finished reading Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End. It’s ‘hard sci-fi’ set in about 2030 or so. “Hard”, in this case, means that the science basically makes sense. So the book is really a fairly serious piece of “world system” futurism supporting a plot-line and characters. This book was recommended to me a few months [...]