Salon minutes, Jan. 14th, 2012

This salon met at Think Coffee on Mercer Street in Manhattan, from 10:30 to 2:30 on Saturday January 14th. The timing worked out well – by arriving that early we were able to secure the big long table that can comfortably seat eight or more. Most people had arrived by 11:00. There were six of [...]

Salon minutes, Nov. 5th, 2011

I organized another ‘scripting salon’ this past Saturday. We were ten people, which made for a good crowd and at least two parallel conversations at a time, so my notes are extremely incomplete (thanks Caleb for supplementing). In attendance: Caleb Johnston, Adam Elstein, Mark Collins, Toru Hasegawa, David Kraftsow, Lucas Chung, Jacob Bek, Frank Bitonti, [...]


It appears there was an interesting event in New York last weekend called “Postopolis”. From what I can tell so far, it was a collection of blogging types and designers (including architects) giving presentations. I.e. a conference. There is an excellent run-down of the talks at this blog called “cityofsound” (about which I know nothing [...]

Ray Kurzweil kills

I think a long exposure (say, over 2 hours) to Ray Kurzweil could cause me to kill myself. I’ve just listened to and watched his talk from the Long Now (see my earlier post about this great organization) from Sept. 23rd, 2005. Luckily the presentation clocked in at just one hour and 42 minutes! Anyway, [...]

Space and Interface: seeking new intuition

I think we could benefit a lot from considering what we now typically call “interfaces” as “spaces”. I’d like to look into this notion through a series of blog entries, with which I hope to provoke some intelligent comments that can help me smoke out the value in this idea. My ultimate goal is to [...]