Thoughts on Scale #1 and #2

#1: Shifting scale is always an act of design.

Corollary: most design occurs in the shifting of scale.

#2: The hardest thing to draw, in everyday design practice, is a difference in scale.

Architecture has a rich practice for dealing with this challenge, but in general the result is many drawings, each at a [...]

SmartGeometry interview

“Watch what I do, and return it to me in an editable form…”

“Playing through your design history…”

(paraphrasing) “Ideas of moving parts in architecture become much easier to think through once you see it moving on the screen…”

“… will result in people I would describe as ‘digital craftsmen’”.

These are just a few [...]

Long Now membership

Inspired by the good Adam Greenfield, I have joined the Long Now Foundation as a Charter Member. I’m somewhere around #407, I think. Anyway I now have access to online footage of their seminar series. By all indications they draw really interesting people (including Vernor Vinge — I look forward to watching that one when [...]

Update on the Search for Jim Gray… ‘flash institutions’

A further update to the Jim Gray story, based on just a bit more reading of the community blog:

They haven’t found him, and are calling off the large-scale community search. They also haven’t found any trace of a wreck whatsoever, yet they claim confidence in their knowledge of the boundaries of the field within [...]

“The Search for Jim Gray” and my brother’s band

I just read an article on the NYTimes (you’ll have to log in, I think) that describes quite a distributed collaborative phenomenon playing out right now — a search by computer scientists across the US for a colleague of theirs (Jim Gray) who has gone missing on his sailing boat. Read the article and you’ll [...]