Review season, Spring 2012

It’s final review season. I have been on, or will be attending, the following:

04/23: Danielle Willems’ first year studio, Pratt
04/24: Esther Cheung’s digital fabrication class at NYU’s ITP program
04/24: Ezio Blasetti’s 2nd year studio, Pratt
04/26: Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa’s 3rd year studio, Columbia’s GSAPP
04/28: Degree project reviews at Pratt
05/01: Frank Gesualdi’s Advanced Drawing class, Columbia’s GSAPP
05/01: Arta Yazdanseta’s Construction Documents class, Pratt
05/01: Adam Elstein’s photography and rendering class, Pratt
05/04: Monique Marian’s 2nd year representation class, Pratt
05/04: My own 2nd year representation, Pratt
05/07: Adam Dayem’s first year studio review, RPI

It’s been inspiring so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the work yet to come.

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