NYCityracks Interior Co-winner

I should have said something sooner, but since it has finally been announced on the web I thought now would do: we (RSVP Architecture Studio, my workplace) were co-winners of the interior ‘bike room’ portion of the NYCityracks competition.  The outdoor portion was by far the bigger competition, but we’re excited nonetheless.  Besides the prize ($5K from Google, who sponsored it), this project is helping us get involved in some larger discussions about bikes in the city.  More on that as it happens (e.g. there is a possible symposium coming up).

The image above is linked from the official announcement on the NYCityracks blog.  You can also see a full PDF with other images from our nascent RSVP website (click News at the top right, and read for the PDF link).

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  • jenny marashi

    HI, i am looking at options for our building’s bike room. This sounds really nice, but is it able to be used, and if so, for what price? Thank you.

  • George

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your interest! The bike room design is not quite ready to use — we are in the process of securing funding to make a prototype. We have received one grant, but are waiting on another so that we can do it properly. As for the price, that is hard to say, since I think of it as an architectural design; in other words, it needs to be customized/adapted to the space in question. Well, even more precisely: the tether and groove system is quite generic and flexible, but it achieves its beauty and practicality through careful layout and installation, so there is some design that needs to be done for any new space. The basic ingredients are quite affordable, however, so there’s no reason it would be expensive.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at . We (RSVP) are keen to implement this project in a real space, so perhaps there is a way we could do a low-cost, ‘beta’ installation in your space, followed by a more complete installation if you are satisfied with how it works. Of course, that’s assuming you are based in NYC or nearby! Otherwise I have to admit that we probably can’t help you right now, since we have not been through the prototyping phase yet.

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