This page is just an interim place to store things I want to check out, in lists. I need a better way to do this!


David Shohl – a composer whose work I saw performed at Bargemusic on 10/10/2008  (note: I also thought the cellist at that show, Chris Gross, was great)

Perry Hall – painter and composer and bass guitarist, a great guy who produces fascinating work.  His recent album is great (and free)

Ned Steinberger, Derek Bailey, Marc Ribot – all to check out, recommended by EK.


(READ) Accelerando, by [X] Stross — recommended strongly by Ed Keller


Deleuze’s book on Foucault

“Cyclotherapy” (I think this is the title), about Deleuze etc. — recommended by EK


“Safe”, recommended by Carla L. and EK.  About a woman’s struggle with an allergy to everything… with Julianne Moore, if I remember correctly!

“Orgasmic Birth”, recommended by Georgina.

“Too Posh to Push”, recommended by Georgina.

“The Business of Being Born”, recommended by Georgina.


Gustave Le Gray — French photographer of the mid-to-late 1800′s (amazing work)

Beate Gutshow (umlaut on the u) — photographer who splices different cityscapes together into huge black-and-white assemblies

Jean-Paul Riopelle — great Canadian ‘abstract Expressionist’ (or sim.)

Jean-Paul Lemiux — great Canadian painter who is obsessed (and deft) with winter horizons