Green Technology, Transparency, Aesthetics, and architecture criticism

This is a quick and clumsy foray into architecture criticism, by way of a critique of a magazine article. Baby steps…

I have just been reading a feature in the Nov./Dec. issue of ‘Architect’ magazine (whose new graphic design I kind of like — perhaps because I don’t like graphic design). There is a feature [...]

“Virtual World of Art”

It’s always a bittersweet moment when you discover that somebody else has had most of your ideas already and, worse still, has had the gumption to implement certain aspects of them. Such was my feeling when I discovered Workspace Unlimited’s website. I haven’t absorbed fully what they’ve been doing, but it involves using some kind [...]

Why hand-drawing still matters to teaching architecture

(NOTE: Despite multiple edits on my part, this is a bit of a sloppy post; sorry. I am going to try to use the blog as a barn for brainstorms, in the hopes of producing more coherent writings for more formal publication (but I will post those here too, don’t worry!).

I am a proponent [...]