Al Gore’s postcards

First the sunny side:

Al Gore is carrying postcards to Congress about global warming. I encourage you to get involved (thanks Keith for the link). Here’s what I wrote on mine:

Global Warming is a challenge to all our political institutions. Can a system structured to think on such short time scales (a few years [...]

Green Technology, Transparency, Aesthetics, and architecture criticism

This is a quick and clumsy foray into architecture criticism, by way of a critique of a magazine article. Baby steps…

I have just been reading a feature in the Nov./Dec. issue of ‘Architect’ magazine (whose new graphic design I kind of like — perhaps because I don’t like graphic design). There is a feature [...]

A World of Wounds

I was just reading an article on the NYTimes (link will work for a week, I guess) on wildlife preservation efforts in the Canadian and U.S. Rockies, and ran across this fantastic quote (nested in the article’s text):

Dr. Gibeau carries in his wallet a much-folded piece of paper with words the naturalist Aldo Leopold [...]