Extreme Ice Survey

Long time no bloggy! To begin with, here’s a link that’s sure to thrill the materialists out there:


A team of cameramen and remote cameras devoted to documenting changes in ice caps and glaciers. Check out the movie clips under “Evidence” at the top. I think their footage is too focused on cool effects, [...]

Better public transpo maps, and Google is probably evil.

My roommates (one ex-) have recently put me onto some new, better implementations of NYC public transpo overlays on Google Maps. Until now I had been relying on the originally very clever but rapidly tiring (due to bad, slow interface) Eyebeam Research NYC subway map site.

Now, thank the gods, we have at least two [...]

On-Star and ways to kick-start the Public Geo-location Grid

This may be a bit of a ramble, as it’s inspired by a dream I had last night involving a deer on a highway and a resultant car crash.

In my last post, I wrote about Vernor Vinge’s version of the future of cyberspace. Basically, it depends on an extensive grid of geo-located network nodes… [...]